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72 Heroiv UPA Str. L’viv, Ukraine, 79018
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About company

The housing and construction company Vash Dim has been active on the real estate market since it’s founding in 2002. The company’s main areas of business include the design, construction and implementation of extensive residential projects. 

The Vash Dim housing company has constructed over 120 thousand square meters of apartments that became cosy homes for thousands of families. The company is famous for the construction of the highest residential building in Lviv with a height of 67 m. that is located in Zubrivska Street. The professional team of the company consists of constructors, architects and project engineers who say “Yes” to all innovative and leading technologies.

Vash Dim is the only real estate developer in Western Ukraine that is in the top 20 of the most reliable real estate developers in the country. According to Ukrainian top list of Dengi magazine dated year 2014 the housing company Vash Dim ranked the 11th for reliability of construction.

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