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24/1 Pylypa Orlyka Str, Kyiv, Ukraine, 04070
About company

OKKO Agrotrade is a new business area for the OKKO GROUP Holding, created in 2016 to satisfy the most urgent needs of agricultural sector – to provide high-quality fuel, the best fertilizers, as well as support for selling crops.

The company has already started to offer agricultural producers financing, secured by grain from the next harvest, with such funding totalling UAH 1 billion. In the next marketing year, it plans to increase the volume of such financing to UAH 3 billion.

OKKO Agrotrade offers agricultural producers a unique complex forward program of cooperation. They can get fertilizers and fuel for the main stages of production from OKKO network with option to pay for it after harvesting with the crops itself. The risk insurance for the mutual commodity operations of the parties is secured by Universalna Insurance Company, which is also a part of OKKO GROUP. The rate of such insurance is much lower than similar offerings on the market.

The services of OKKO Agrotrade has the most competitive price on the market. Unlike bank loans where the farmer deposits to pledge his/hers property, in case with OKKO Agrotrade the future harvest is the pledge for the deal, documented by the pledge contract or agricultural warrant, which is quite new financial instrument for Ukraine, but very comfortable and modern. The program has funded the cultivation of major grain crops, and further cooperation is planned with producers of buckwheat, peas and other legumes and rapeseed.

Among the actors who have applied for participation in OKKO Agrotrade forward program there are both farmers with 500 hectares and companies with several thousand hectares of land. Any interested agricultural producer can apply for participation. The experts of OKKO Agrotrade can conduct a fast one-day analysis of the possibility of providing funding.

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